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The success story for our service-based company showcases how we helped a client overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Through our expertise and dedication, we were able to provide effective solutions and create a positive impact on our client's business.

Case Studies
The Swedish startup Era of We is developing a truly innovative service in the food and beverage industry. Its aim is to revolutionize the coffee supply chain by establishing an online platform that brings together all the stakeholders, from coffee bean growers to coffee drinkers. The company believes that by facilitating knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and value alignment among farmers, agents, roasters, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and end consumers, Era of We can streamline the coffee flow, eliminate communication barriers, and establish a trustworthy chain. Era of We functions as a global coffee marketplace and community, uniting all members of the supply chain and giving greater value to coffee estates. This empowers the estates to directly engage in trade with roasters, contributing to their socio-economic progress. The platform consists of multiple portals catering to the coffee supply chain, spanning from coffee-growing estates to roasters who process the beans into roasted coffee products, and ultimately to end customers who purchase the coffee. These portals offer a range of tailored features that simplify the tasks of each participant within the chain.
Technologies we used
  • Golang has been chosen as the primary programming language due to its high performance and efficiency, which are essential for handling the significant load from multiple frontend portals and services.
  • The primary data store is Aurora MySQL DB, complemented by Elasticsearch as an extended store for advanced search capabilities. Redis is utilized for server-side caching, effectively reducing the workload on the primary store.
  • To enable instant messaging, a WebSocket API has been developed in Golang for the messaging system. Additionally, real-time event notifications are delivered through this service.
  • For handling time-consuming processes that can be executed in the background, AWS SQS is employed as part of a queue-consumer setup. Email notifications are sent out using the AWS SES service.
  • Application assets are stored and accessed on AWS S3, with AWS CloudFront serving as a global caching service to enhance the user experience by providing faster content delivery. Application activity logs are sent to Elasticsearch and monitored using Kibana.
  • CI/CD has been configured using AWS CodePipeline, allowing for faster, more frequent, and automated deployments. The applications are containerized, and this entire setup is managed by our proficient DevOps partner, Opsio AB.
Nicolas Berner Wolf
Chief Operating Officer

I would like to highly recommend the service provided. I recently had the pleasure of using their services, and I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise, and customer service that they provided.

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